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Hear Nicole Atkins and Mark Lanegan Cover Guns N' Roses' 'November Rain'

11/19/2018 01:44 PM

'Use Your Illusion' ballad reimagined as '60s country duet.

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Eddie Vedder and Neil Finn Join Mike Campbell in the Bathroom

11/19/2018 09:15 AM

Fellow Fleetwood Mac newbie and Pearl Jam frontman appear in guitarist's strange new social media series.

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Ann Wilson Says She Wasn't Surprised by Chris Cornell's Death

11/19/2018 08:23 AM

Heart singer reveals her thoughts on late Soundgarden frontman.

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'Bohemian Rhapsody' Rockets to No. 2 on All-Time Music Biopic List

11/18/2018 01:00 PM

Don't stop the Freddie Mercury biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' now — it's having such a good time in theaters.

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Charvel Guitar Workshop Destroyed in California Fire

11/18/2018 11:21 AM

Michael Charvel vows to get back in business after six family members lose homes.

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25 Years Ago: Nirvana Record Iconic 'MTV Unplugged' Session

11/18/2018 10:21 AM

“That show was supposed to be a disaster. We hadn’t rehearsed. We weren’t used to playing acoustic."

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Texas Pastor Warns Against 'Devil Worshipping' Ghost

11/18/2018 08:58 AM

Religious leader slams Tobias Forge’s band: “The content of their music is so demonic.”

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Stevie Nicks Recalls Prince's Surprise Appearance on 'Stand Back'

11/18/2018 05:17 AM

She invited him for studio visit to hear track he’d inspired, but didn’t expect him to show up, never mind record.

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Rapper Juice WRLD's Producer Accuses Sting of 'Stealing'

11/18/2018 12:04 AM

Sting was accused of "stealing" in a dispute over rapper Juice WRLD's hit single "Lucid Dreams," based on "Shape of My Heart."

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Bruce Kulick Talks Solo Kiss Kruise Show: 'Revisiting This Material Was Pretty Frightening'

11/16/2018 04:56 PM

"I know the reaction is great, and I'm totally thrilled. None of them know how tortured I was by this."

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Listen to Chris Cornell's Mash-Up of Metallica and U2's 'One' Songs

11/16/2018 01:50 PM

The Soundgarden frontman sang the lyrics to Metallica's "One" to the tune of U2's song of the same name onstage in 2015.

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December 2018 New Music Releases

11/16/2018 01:10 PM

The list arrives just before the industry goes into its annual holiday slumber.

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How Jim Morrison's New York Moment Inspired 'People Are Strange'

11/16/2018 11:09 AM

Ray Manzarek had his own version of how the Doors' classic song was written.

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Jered Threatin Unrepentant After 'Fake' Tour

11/16/2018 09:50 AM

Under-fire singer argues, “I turned an empty room into an international headline.”

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Lars Ulrich Recalls Doubt Over First Metallica Arena Tour

11/16/2018 09:10 AM

Drummer told manager, “That’s probably not a great idea” ahead of Damaged Justice road trip.

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Steve Perry Reportedly Sues to Prevent Demo Releases

11/16/2018 08:47 AM

Former Journey singer doesn’t wan’t public to hear eight songs recorded in ‘90s.

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Rolling Stones Continue to Tease U.S. Announcement

11/16/2018 08:15 AM

Short video suggests New York connection to previous hints.

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Vinnie Vincent Postpones Comeback Shows

11/15/2018 10:56 PM

Fans waiting for Vinnie Vincent's first full-length concert in 30 years will have to wait two months longer.

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Mark David Chapman Said He Feels 'Shame' for Killing John Lennon

11/15/2018 08:31 PM

The transcript from Mark David Chapman's unsuccessful recent parole hearing has been released.

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Drive-By Truckers' Patterson Hood Doesn't Care If You're Offended

11/15/2018 01:24 PM

He's learned not to question inspiration, even when his muse takes the band into uncomfortable places.

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